The maiden land of Odysseus, the main character in the Odyssey.
Zues: Odysseus may not pass to his maiden land, Ithaca, until Apl34 READS A FRIGGIN BOOK BY A GREEK.
dari Dr Doog Rabu, 17 Maret 2004
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1. A beautiful, awesome hippie town in Central New York. Seriously, it kicks all ass. There is Cornell University, and (partly because of that), has a great cultural diversity. Best of all, its ANTI-BUSH!

2. Odysseus's homeland in 'The Odyssey'
1. 'Ithaca is not George's'
Man I love this town.

2. Odysseus returned to Ithaca after many years
dari Nothing Chen Sabtu, 30 April 2005
i small town in the middle of new york. Also has the most dealers in one small town ive ever seen
everything is a fuckin hour away and has a cool commons area
thats about it besides the fact that cornell university is there and they rule at hockey
ITHACA IS GORGES thats the lame ass slogan on every shirt in town
dari Peter the dipset machine Jum'at, 04 Maret 2005
The part of hell that is frozen over.
Ithaca is Shithaca
dari apl34 Senin, 15 Maret 2004
Ithaca is a very rare name. I honestly don't even know if anyone is named this but, if they were.. Ithacas would be very honest and upfront about things. The type of person who when pissed off will tell you to your face. Ithaca will produce great offspring and is probaly very sexy. Everyone goes crazy over theyre looks and body. Ithaca can drink and do drugs whenever but actually knows when to stop. They will tend to be more on the crazy side and will find theyre own path of heartbreak. Ithaca will lead to suicide. They will probably die from suicide as well. Don't get too close, but if your already there, your a lucky bastard so appreciate it. Sex comes easy for Ithacas and will be very long lasting and enjoyful. Ithacas tend to be great advice givers and can very very reliable when in need of a laugh. They are trustworthy and can be very arousing just to talk to. Ithacas tend to be passionate lovers. They will do anything to make anyone BESIDES themselves happy. Theyre used as a great role model but can be a complete bitch/asshole at times. They usually end up being soooo amazing that they rub off on people and have many jelous followers. Animals steal theyre hearts and they love photos. They sometimes act as a whore. Ithaca can also refer to weed. They sleep with people. Heartbreakers but loveable. THEY WILL DRIVE YOU INSANE!!!!!!! They love long walks, cars, and talking to walls. They can talk to anyone about anything and are usually outgoing. GOTTA LOVE IT!!!
Person one: LOOK AT THAT
Person three: Thats Ithaca my girlfriend
Person one: MINE?!?!?!?!
Person three: No. Alllll mine (:
Person two: YOU LUCKY BASTARD *punches in face*
Person three: Ahhh, cant escape jealous fuckers!!!!
dari SamIAm45 Minggu, 02 Januari 2011
to say something is very lame, retarded or gay, something that would only or most likely happen in Ithaca, NY.
1.Donovon: look at all these hippies at the festival....

Me: this shit is mad ithaca......
dari ITHACA IS SO ITHACA Senin, 27 Juni 2011
Very gay town, in central new york. Most of the people need to die and whatnot but its ok. The football team is very horrible and it is somewhat sad. Eric Hubbs should be the squirrel mascot for them. Fuck the police. I hate this town and all but like 6 people in it. Dennis omanovic is a fat bosnian fag.
Ithaca is like an asklar, but on drugs in a vat of shit
dari Thats right bitches, i said it. Kamis, 20 Januari 2005

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