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a word used by a genius to call himself
Faraday used to call himself a Jeenyus
dari Titan7771 Rabu, 09 April 2014
a person who thinks they are smart, and does not know how to spell worth a shiznit!lacking brain power, and a spell checker
boy:hey gurls!im a jeenyus!
girls:oh yea?how do you spell it?
boy:j-e-n...uhhhhhhm, i don't know.
girls:OMG WHATEVER!*walk away*
dari jenn Jum'at, 17 Desember 2004
a way cooler and smarterer way to spell "genius"
Nick: "You know that girl Zoe?"
Josh: "Yeah, she's a total jeenyus."
dari texasgal Jum'at, 10 Juli 2009