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minky: most Unsatisfactory.
as in: he's a minky chief

(he's a very unsatisfactory person)
dari PhilLondon08 Selasa, 17 Juni 2008
5 19
The couple name of the characters Mini Mcguiness and Franky Fitzgerald from the fictional UK show 'Skins' on channel E4.
Keep calm and ship Minky
dari minkyshipper Rabu, 23 Maret 2011
82 28
A non offensive way to discribe a cunt!
Come here you sexy bitch and let me lick your minky til you cum!
dari Royal General Selasa, 26 Juli 2005
112 90
A word used to describe a particularly sexy woman or women.
1. Check out that bit of minky over there...


2. The boozer is full of minky on Saturdays!
dari Robbo Senin, 02 Februari 2004
102 102
A fanny
I put my cock in her minky

She had a nice minky
dari Marma D Kamis, 28 Agustus 2003
65 65
A nice piece of pussy to stick your length into
Loook at that Minky over there, i'd have a rip on it!
dari Chris Lomas Jum'at, 18 Agustus 2006
32 33
Used to describe someone/something that is particularly dirty, smelly etc.
You're a pure minky basturt
dari Stuvo C Selasa, 10 Agustus 2004
28 36
A Minky is a type of vagina gremlin. Much the same as the warbling wickersham or the dribbling grackleshank they live inside afflicted female genitalia, waiting for an unsuspecting penis or inanimate object to venture closeby. As soon as the Minky detects said penetrator, they will jump out and attack it, in the case of a penis they will tickle the males bellend and try to prevent any further vaginal interaction. Minkies can affect any female at any time. The only way to get rid of a Minky infestation is to ram the tormented sexual organs with a properly prepared penis.
Friend 1: "How did your date go last night, fella?"

Friend 2: "Yeah, was good mate, until we got to it. She was riddled with Minkies! Tickled the shit out of me first time I tried to stick it in!"

Friend 1: "Ah, Rubbish! What did you do? I had to quit last time I encountered a Minky!"

Friend 2: "Only thing I could do! Fucking rammed that shit in there and saved those organs!"
dari MinkyMarauder Sabtu, 25 Juni 2011
20 30