irritible, annoying see wordPMS
don't get all pissy on me.
dari bernard Jum'at, 11 April 2003
Top Definition
complaining and moaning over stupid shit.
man ima sock u if u dont stop being so pissy
dari jediduck Kamis, 31 Juli 2003
Pissy ( Pis-Sy) Adj.

1. Easily irritated or bitter

2. Abnormally sensitive to a stimulus

3. State of being excessively bitchy without due cause

4. Excessive Grouchiness’
Sentence: Rachel demonstrates her pissy nature on a daily basis when in close interaction with her peers.
dari mojojo7 Kamis, 11 Februari 2010
What you are being if you are pissed off.
'Fuck off'
'Oh just cause you're on your period dont start getting pissy with me.'
dari xo izzi ox Selasa, 01 Februari 2005
To be drunk or get drunk
Aw who wants to get pissy tonight??
dari lyndseywood Kamis, 22 Januari 2009
of or relating to the scent of piss
this place smells pissy
dari < Rabu, 01 Oktober 2003
The coolest, badest, the bomb
that car is so damn pissy
dari kawgirl Selasa, 01 Februari 2011

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