Scousers are residents of Liverpool England who are heavily and harshly stereotyped by everyone in england generally because..............The stereotypes are true.They thieve mug murder and Rape people because they need the money coz they haven't got a job and Liverpool was the birth place of the chavs (scallys).The majority are die hard Liverpool FC fans and the educated part of Liverpool are everton fans. Usually saying the phrase "Calm Down" repeatedly or saying "A" repeatedly.Tend to drink alot would round the shit infested streets looking forward to gyro day so they can go to the pub and get battered straight after they get there money
"A gaz thtscouse twats running away with your bike"

Scouser A:"U wanna make something of it A"

Scouser B"A A A A A come on then"

Scouser C:" Oi lads come on Calm Down Calm Down Calm Down Calm Down"
dari Reeviero Sabtu, 22 Maret 2008
Derogatory term used to describe a native inhabitant of Liverpool, England.

Stereotypically, scousers will have a strong Liverpudlian accent, wear La Coste shell suits, buy white-label dance tracks ('scouse house') smoke weed and live off benefit.
"Ay, mate, ya got that toon on vinal?"
dari paul raine Rabu, 05 Mei 2004
Greatest people in the world from the greatest City in the world.

From the city that is home to England's greatest ever pop group and greatest ever football team. (FACT!)

The only negative about Liverpool is that it's much too close to Manchester.
Steven Gerrard
dari Alex Malone Selasa, 30 Desember 2003
Someone from liverpool.
also known as complete scum, whos accent makes everyone just wannna rip there vocal cords out. Scouse twats tend to think there 'ardd when really there joust pillocs in shell suit who a goood old manc could take out any day.
what dya call a scouser in a suit?
the accused
dari scousehatersssss Jum'at, 23 Januari 2009
a strange being, who has a bitter jealous of mancunians. usually lazy, small, ginger, speak like non educated fools and have a strane way about never accepting any form of blame. please remember, they are always right, always inocent, yet everyone else isnt; that is there terrible mentality
hilsbrough a disaster, "blame the fucken police lah!! justice!!!!"

heysell, where scousers murderd 39 italians "god those itaes are fucken cunts lah, we didnt do nuffin it was a fucken tragedy lah"

dari fhisthebest Jum'at, 07 April 2006
Inhabitant of a slum in the North West of England called Liverpool.

Has a massive inferiority complex to the rest of the human race, thinks the world owes them a living, avoids all forms of work - claiming various disabilities.

Other definition "pikey in a council House"

Uniform Piss stained tracksuit bottoms, lacoste tshirt(unwashed) scuffed and stinky Fila trainers, Baseball cap worn at an absurd angle and a enough cheap gold jewellery (usually bought from Argos or stolen) to put Mr T to shame.

They speak like they are constantly attempting to cough up a greeny.

Avoid at all costs, attracted to all things shiny!
The Boswells, the drug addicts, burglars and gangsters in Brookside.
dari TheOne Selasa, 07 September 2004
scousers are inhabitants of the city of liverpool in the UK, officially the roughest chaviest place in the word where more than half of the people are on the dole. liverpool is full of run down council houses, boarded up shops, graffiti and a group of chavs on evry street corner.

scousers are portrayed in the media as thieving, violent, inbred, drug abusing, scumbags who sign on as soon as they leave school, if they went that is... and this is a fairly accurate portrayal.

most scousers either support everton or liverpool football clubs, with those seen as supporting everton as 'real' scousers or liverpudlians and liverpool supporters seen as glory hunting chavs who cant realise that their club has had its time.

scousers and 'Mancs' traditionally have a rivarly based on football. With Manchester Uniteds recent success and liverpools failure to win a cup in years they barley have a case to argue however the rivarly is one of the most bitter in football and rightly so.

all scousers want to shag steven gerrard or jamie charrager... when they are not shagging there mum, sister or cousin that is.

scousers speak with an anoying sqeeky accent like their balls havent dropped and can not pronounce a C or K with out growling and bring in up all flem possible in the back of their throats. The scouse accent is easily the most annoying and roughest.
a scouser is normally wearing a tracksuit, with their tracky bottoms tucked in their socks and a cap on the back of their head, normally wearing a soverign ring, a skin head is a must and probably a tattoo of their own name or their ex's.

Any tramp who looks like that have been in a fight over a can of stella

sign on , sign on
with hope in your heart
because you'll nevvveeerrrr get a job

no you'll neeeevvvvveeeeeerrrrrr get a job

sign on , sign on
dari Godscity-manc Jum'at, 07 Agustus 2009

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