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A verb meaning to screw over your team before switching to a new one. It is meant to describe a feeling of betrayal experienced when one realizes that someone you once trusted has been deceiving you for their personal gain.
Changing teams in life happens, but he did have to sqrrl us as he left?
dari unsweet Selasa, 12 Februari 2013

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A squirrel.

Pronounced 'skwirl', like 'swirl' with a 'k'.
Oh wow look, a sqrrl!
A sqrrl stole my sandwich yesterday.
dari BigCatfish Jum'at, 21 September 2007
An unusual word originating in England that means something along the lines of someone who pwns and is only remarkable as it has no vowels and no U after the Q.
"yeah, i know im a sqrll"
dari sqrrl101 Senin, 31 Mei 2004