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While shopping in an intensly cute store, a tingling sensation occurs because of the store's merchandise, environment, lighting, etc. These mainly occur in small boutiques, designer boutiques, and/or department stores.

*A storgasm cannot happen because of a single item
**Storgasms are intense. Thiss can involve drool and/or tears or joy.
Brianna: Oh my God, this Vince sweater is soooooo cute!

Emily: And look at this Trina Turk Dress!

Brianna and Emily: *storgasms*
dari em_igler Senin, 29 Desember 2008

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The act of making a mess in one's pants while shopping for bargains.
I was looking for new shoes and surprisingly storgasmed.
dari Sliim Shaady xz Sabtu, 24 April 2010