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slut, whore, me, bitch, stuck up, idiot, dip shit, emo hater, monkey mans, banana peels, cunts, people who don't lyk coffee and the most amazing fraze from the awesomest show ever The Wedge!
chick1: OMG, meg is such a supa-cula-fagelistic-expela-douch-bag.

chick2: OMG, chick1 you are soo like, right, i mean just cos i got my wedding dress for lyk, 10 dollars from a oppshop, like, to her it means im like cheap, it still don't mean im a supa-cala-fagalistic-expela-douch-bag, do it?!
dari ~*~ Sweet poisoN ~*~ Sabtu, 19 Agustus 2006

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