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British slang meaning great. Similar to 'wicked'. A cool/fun/easy-going/nice etc person could be described as a top banana. Also if something's good.
Jamie T lyric: acts like a twat but she's a top banana
dari imatopbanana Senin, 27 September 2010
36 10
a answer to a question, when trying to use a more creative word than cool basically means cool, great, super
something on top of a banana
Man 1 "hey i got A+ in my exam today"
Man 2 "wow, topbanana"
dari abi, dais, bek, bec, lu, soph Senin, 11 September 2006
4 2
A peeled piece of shit.
That topbanana stinks.
dari weeeee Selasa, 25 Januari 2005
2 6
(See also, TB) Where the male figure enters the penis into the woman's vagina, and then later inserts his hand and bends the penis upwards, thus like a banana.
My boyfriend gave me a Top Banana last night, it felt so good!
dari Tyler&George Jum'at, 15 Oktober 2010
7 26
1) Cult Activity involving copious amounts of alcohol and cheesy music, frequented by Warwick University Students and the Hardest of Hard-Core Teeny Boppers.
2) Form of self-inflicted torture involving agonisingly loud, irritating noise, nausea and drunken revelry.

AKA: Top B; Weekly Cheese Festival; Another shite monday nite.
Third Place spend (another) night of torment at the hands of the brutal Top Banana
dari The Third Place Senin, 28 April 2003
35 57