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truth by consensus
wikipedia is the largest repository of truthiness on the interweb
dari wiki*dia Minggu, 19 Mei 2013
3 1
1.)Describes things that people claim to know,something like a gut feeling.
2.)Straightforward truthfulness.
3.)Being a badass and reinventing the word truthiness without even knowing.
"You dont look up truthiness in a book, look it up in your gut!"
(words from steven himself.)
dari StraightEdgeCHRIS[XWMX] Sabtu, 15 Maret 2008
4 24
Nothing but the hardcore truth of something.
"Truthiness is like sex, it jsut feels so good" ~ Mr. Pearson
dari STH2005 Rabu, 16 Agustus 2006
21 244
The amount of truth a statement has.
The truthiness of this statement is 100% because it is very true.

Does it’s truthiness really matter, or can you have the same emotional reaction knowing that it is fiction?
dari Ryan Stoker Selasa, 08 November 2005
49 453