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To masturbate furiously once you arrive home after winning an important soccer match.
Lorcan: are you playing poker in rorys tonight?
John: nope have soccer at 8
Lorcan: well he was talking about playing at 9.30ish
John: No can do, heading home straight after for a victory wank :D
Lorcan: or a "can't believe I missed all those chances" wank
John: ya that sounds more like it
dari J-Boner Senin, 01 Oktober 2007

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The Urge or need to masturbate do to heightened mood after a successful, but probably worthless event.

This term can also be combined with the infamous suicide wank for maximum experience.
Before scrubbing the floor with socks, I had finished a term paper for a class I'll probably fail. After, I enjoyed a little victory wank.
dari Chronic20000k Kamis, 01 November 2012