Female semen, or gizz. The cum that squirts out of a chick's vagina while having a orgasm.
Man, I just yolked all over my boyfriend , oops.
dari PrettyPleasePublish Minggu, 14 November 2010
a: damn u see shawty's outfit today?!
b: yolk!!
dari #swaggy Kamis, 02 Juni 2011
liquid chicken embryo
the cake demanded 2 yolks, without the whites.
dari yutnginmnde Sabtu, 03 Oktober 2009
You obviously lick kittens (more or less saying you're crazy)

Parody of (YOLO) -> You only live once
I'm going to eat another piece of cake because YOLO.
I can't believe you did that! YOLK
dari TrinaSleeps Minggu, 11 Maret 2012
verb. To bust a nut (ejaculate)
Im gonna yolk all over her face when I am done with her.
dari MJCJizzle Rabu, 21 Desember 2005
to ejaculate
I yolked all over that bitch!
dari johnjizzer Senin, 09 Agustus 2010
to completely defeat, humiliate or destroy somebody; state of being victorious
He tried to argue with me, but he got yolked, or I still feel the yolk I pulled on him.
dari number one br Rabu, 01 Juli 2009

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